Nancy offers consultations on a variety of integrative holistic  specialties. She encourages her clients to work at his/her own pace and comfort level.


​​​"That was so very relaxing and my back pain has decreased so much I can almost touch my toes. I feel great!"

                                            -Reiki treatment client

​​​   “Nancy, you are an excellent teacher! Your holistic center is inviting and a wonderful space to be in. The class was presented clearly and well organized, everything just flowed. You are both caring and welcoming. I had no idea what a wonderful experience this weekend would be! I've learned so much and am excited to apply my new skills to my family and friends in addition to adding it to my daily self-care routine!”

                        -  Healing Touch Level 1 class student


Nancy works with clients in all stages of health and disease processes. She fosters a caring and relaxing environment where deep healing can occur.

​​​What our program can do for you:

  • Accomplishing planned goals

  • Releasing stress that causes illness

  • Achieving greater peace of mind

  • Minimizing negative effects of dis-ease

  • Revitalizing the body, mind and spirit

  • Healthier, happier quality of life

A variety of classes are offered that encourage the student to fully embrace the concepts presented. They are informative and fun!   

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Nancy offers a variety of activities and classes which are open to the public. Please check out her offerings today!

New Holistic Wellness Center Is Open!

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Featuring consults, treatments and classes with guest therapists on a variety of topics.

Expansive gift shop offering a large variety of accessories for the holistic health practitioner and student including 57 essential oils, over 180 different gemstones and much much more!

​​​Nancy Schappert Healthy Living, LLC



​​​"The essential oil blend you created for me is awesome! I had no idea I could get relief like this. You took all the guesswork out of trying to decide which oils were best for my condition"

                                                    -Aromatherapy Client