Nancy began her health care career as a Registered Nurse graduating from Villanova University with a BS in Nursing in the 80's. After working as a staff nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a few years, she decided to continue her education and graduated with a MBA Degree in Health Administration from Saint Joseph's University, and then worked in hospital administration.

She has always believed that true health encompasses not only the physical body, but the emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of an individual as well. After seeing her patients' health improve incorporating complimentary health modalities in addition to traditional western therapies, she embarked on a quest to better understand the advantages of using both philosophies for patient care. This resulted in her continuing her education and receiving a PhD in Holistic Nutrition in 2008. She then opened her holistic wellness practice in 2009, Nancy Schappert Healthy LIving  LLC, offering several holistic and energy therapies to her clients of all ages and states of health.

Utilizing from her extensive list of specialties and varied experiences, Nancy empowers her clients to co-create an individualized plan to achieve optimal wellness that fits into his/her schedule and activity level. This may be simply a holistic energy treatment to help alleviate stress and chronic pain, to creating a comprehensive plan to assist a client dealing with a serious illness such as cancer. By combining mainstream medicine with complimentary therapies the client can achieve his/her wellness goals faster and more comprehensively. This allows one to find a sense of peace and balance in this ever changing past-paced world no matter what the situation, thus encouraging enjoying life to the fullest.

Nancy has just expanded her practice in West Chester, and her new facility, Just for You Naturally, offers a treatment/consultation room and classroom where she can better share her knowledge and expertise with her clients, empowering them to improve their quality of life and health.

Nancy has been married for over 30 years and has two sons. She enjoys working in her organic garden and riding her horse on their Chester County farm.

​​​Nancy Schappert Healthy Living, LLC

about  DR. Nancy Schappert PhD

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Specialties offered:

  • Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Consultation
  • Certified Aromatherapist and Instructor
  • Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions 
  • Reiki Master (Usui and Tera Mai Seichem Traditions)
  • Angel Therapy Certified Practitioner TM

      Nancy's additional specialties include mindfulness and 
​       meditation sessions, crystal therapy and sound healing.